Oxytocin, the brain chemical, seems to lower overeating and make people feel full. But does oxytocin help you lose weight?

According to scientists, obese people’s brains respond variously to images of tasty, calorie-rich foods. They crave lots of fast foods even when they are not hungry. Studies have shown that this craving can lead people to overeat. Currently, many Americans are obese, and this issue has become the primary cause of cancer among American adults. And scientists have discovered oxytocin is the best remedy for this overactivity in the brain, as this brain chemical is related to social connections and love.

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What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin, also called the “love hormone” or “cuddle hormone”, is released during childbirth, sex, and breastfeeding. Some people have higher oxytocin levels when they are in the early phases of falling in love. This hormone has different functions. Another form of this brain chemical is pitocin, which induces labor, and another form sometimes helps treat stomach aches.

According to previous studies, oxytocin might enhance social skills among autistic kids. However, currently, researchers are investigating whether it might also help people shed weight or not. According to some studies, just one Oxytocin supplement can reduce your appetite and desire for pleasure eating.

How Does the Oxytocin Supplement Help Lose Weight?

Appetite causes people to look for food, and this innate drive is controlled in the brain. The brain controls the eating urges and the reward feedback that condition people to look for delicious foods repetitively. This is where oxytocin medication plays its role.

Since oxytocin works best for weight loss, it is administered as a supplement before a meal. Generally, the brain gets a signal that everything is well and glucose intake has been done. Low oxytocin levels increase sugar intake over the long term, which is rewarding to eat.

One transformation the oxytocin supplement can bring about is the decrease in blood glucose levels post-meal by increasing insulin. Hence, oxytocin may be advantageous for obese people who have higher blood glucose levels.

Another transformation that oxytocin supplements create is the reduction in cortisol. A decrease in the stress hormone becomes advantageous for people who stress eat. According to studies, oxytocin works on impulse control circuitry to prevent overeating, particularly for sugar-rich foods like chocolates, cookies, etc. Apart from reducing appetite, research also shows that oxytocin boosts fat oxidation, i.e., fat burning for energy.

Bottom Lines

Still, many people want to clear their confusion while having a question: “Does Oxytocin help you lose weight?” Well, oxytocin has been highly applied to men; hence, future studies would require extension to women. The method behind this hormone’s impacts on eating habits and metabolism needs more clarification, and the safety of using it for a long period needs to be established.

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