The main goal of the Medi-Weight loss program is to chalk out a plan, designed to help you lose some weight and keep it off on a long-term basis.  This program has not taken much time to become one of the most popular weight loss programs, which remains always under the strict supervision of physicians.

But, despite the widespread success, according to some people, this program is targeted to be overly restrictive, difficult to follow and expensive at the same time. So, the most common question that pops up in your mind is – Is Medi-Weight loss a Healthy Choice For You? Reading till the end of the article will help you to find your answer.

medi weight loss

More about the Medi-Weight loss program

The Medi-Weight loss program is known to be a low carbohydrate and high protein diet plan, which is designed to promote that long lasting weight loss regime.

·  It was created in 2005 and the company claims that the program has helped over 300,000 people to lose a total of 7.5 million pounds.

· As per the website of the creator, the program will actually help you to lose around 20 pounds in the first month.

·  For that, there will be a customized plan, tailored to match your needs. The plan will cover up a great diet chart and with weekly visits at one of the clinics of the company.

·  Furthermore, this Medi-Weight loss program might also include prescription medicines, supplements or nutrient injections under guidance of a healthcare professional.

·  The company will further present multiple programs for some populations including the Medi-Weight loss. Some of those are corporate wellness programs, adolescent programs and preventive medication programs for people with specific health conditions.

How the program works

The Medi-Weight loss program will always start with initial consultation with medical experts at any one of the clinics. During this time, the expert will collect info about your health, like your history, and will also ask for several tests like body composition analysis or blood panel.

·  The medical experts will use the same info to create customized diet plans and exercise plans to follow.

·  Based on your needs, there are supplements, prescribed medicines or nutrient injections to follow.

·  The program will also address convenient packaged meals, which will be part of the Medi-Weight loss signature menu, procured with an added fee structure to it.

·  The program is mainly divided under 3 stages – acute weight loss, short term maintenance phase and the wellness phase.

Foods you can eat

The Medi-Weight loss program will offer comprehensive guidelines regarding the food that you can eat and cannot. The exact guidelines on the food items you can eat will vary depending on the phase of the program you are in. Most of the time, it will involve plenty of fruits, heart-healthy fats, non-starchy veggies and lean protein sources.

So, before you opt for the Medi-Weight loss program, ensure to consult a doctor for the same. Get along with Telemedicine Practitioners for booking.

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