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Helps in increase your metabolism for burning fat more efficiently making it extremely valuable to dieters.

Why should I use GAC intramuscular injections?

Glutamine - Arginine - L Carnitine. This amino acid blend is popular with athletes as it expedites muscle recovery and allows them to burn more calories. That makes it good for your average weight loss person too if they are wanting to combat the effects of bodily distress and boost the immune system. It's an essential amino acid and building block for your body. Arginine (the "A") is also an amino acid building block. It changes into nitric acid which has improved effects on your blood flow to peak your workout sessions and enhances your recovery time for your muscles. This also helps increase your metabolism for burning fat more efficiently making it extremely valuable to dieters. Carnitine (the "C") converts body fat into energy to reduce adipose stores, increase muscle mass and strength, blast away fatigue and blow up your stamina. This can obviously all help with weight loss efforts, but the muscle-building properties make this such a favorite in the weight lifting world and with bodybuilding professionals. It can decrease irritability and fatigue while boosting energy in times of caloric deficit making it highly sought after by elite health-minded persons.

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