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At Telemedicine Practitioners, we provide numerous health and wellness services to both men and women. Our area of expertise encompasses medically supervised weight loss, menopause treatment, hormone correction, simple urgent care, and much more!

After a year of trying on my own and getting nowhere, Barbara has helped me shed the unwanted pounds quickly, safely and I felt great while doing it! She is prompt and professional and tailors a weight-loss plan based specifically on your needs and goals. Can’t recommend her enough.

Kennerly B.

Telemedicine Providers for Health and Wellness

Telemedicine Practitioners was formed by Barbara Grubbs and NP to provide quality healthcare services through telehealth communications. You will find a wide variety of services that can help with Weight Loss, Hormone Imbalance, Women's Health, Men's Health and much more.

Hormone Balancing

Do you become exhausted during the day? Do you get easily irritated and find it hard to focus? Been having low libido and feeling flushed? You could have a hormone imbalance. We can help.

Convenience Care

Have a bladder infection or sinus infection, cold or flu but don’t feel like waiting at your doctor’s office or the urgent care? We can help. We can treat you from the comfort of your home! We can do at home EKGs for only $75

Praise and Testimonials

Super convenient! Barbara is super knowledgeable and professional! Literally the best experience ever! I am highly recommending this service to everyone!

Brandon I.

Barbara is a very thorough Nurse Practitioner with a keen sense on improving your well being physically and emotionally. Very cognizant of resources to save you time and money in today’s busy life. Who has time to wait in a provider's office for hours?

Scott W.

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Barbara is one of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. This lady knows her stuff. You can tell they are about care more than profit.

Jessica H.

Barbara are not only terrific women but experienced nurse practitioners. I can't recommend them enough!

Lori S



Barbara Grubbs is a telehealth provider dedicated to offering comprehensive advice and consultation to patients from the comfort of their homes. She helps people with Weight loss / anti-aging / wellness / peptides.

Barbara's commitment to telehealth is rooted in her belief that accessible healthcare can lead to better health outcomes. Her approach is patient-centric, aiming to reduce the barriers to medical care by providing timely and accurate consultations. Whether managing chronic conditions, addressing acute concerns, or offering preventive care advice, Barbara Grubbs is a reliable resource for patients seeking quality healthcare remotely.

"I've worked in weight loss and healthcare wellness for over 20 years! I'm passionate about improving your QUALITY of life and preventing illness before it starts. The time is now for being your best you! You have to seek it and I can help! On a personal note I have a Chiweenie, and my hobbies are self/help, psychology, learning, reading, being near water, church or bible groups, and time with family and friends."

Why work with us


Are you having a hard time losing unsightly body fat? Finally ready for a "new you?" It's time to hang up the excuses and let go of the fad diets. It's time to consider some very effective, medically safe solutions. Get your stamina back. Sleep better at night. Improve your concentration and memory. Get more done. Smile more. Play with your kids and grandkids. Have the energy to walk your dog. Imagine how good you’ll feel in six months' time when you look back upon today, knowing it was the start of your incredible journey to health and happiness. Envision how proud family and friends will be.

Women’s Health specialist

We offer many different services to help manage or in many cases eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of hormones that are out of balance whether it’s from estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, or cortisol. Depending on your unique body chemistry, symptoms, and treatment preferences we can offer a treatment customized to your individual circumstances. Our services include lifestyle modification recommendations, vitamins and mineral recommendations, nutritional/herbal supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (plant based- molecularly identical to human hormones), and prescription medications. We also offer hormone free prescription medication recommendations.

Virtual Sick Visits

Urgent care and convenient care clinics are centers that you can visit when you aren’t able to see your regular doctor. This is a more convenient alternative for minor illnesses or injuries that aren’t life threatening. You should always go to the emergency room for life-threatening conditions, such as a heart attack, stroke or poisoning.

About Telemedicine Practitioners, LLC

At Telemedicine Practitioners, we provide numerous health and wellness services to both men and women. Our area of expertise encompasses medically supervised weight loss, menopause treatment, hormone correction, simple urgent care, and much more! Call us for more information. We are Licensed in South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, Utah, Idaho, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Washington, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Montana and Minnesota to bring you services online in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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