The “love hormone,” oxytocin, is required for anxiety, social communication, mother-child bonding, childbirth, trust, and sexual reproduction. According to studies, you can easily lose weight with Oxytocin, as this hormone weakens our brain’s signals for food. Hence, it indirectly helps reduce our appetite.

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Factors That Help Lose Weight with Oxytocin

There are some lesser-known factors that help increase oxytocin levels in your body, which aids in weight loss. Let’s read the blog to the end to find out about them!

1. Listening to Music

Music has some notable benefits, like enhancing your concentration, mood, and motivation. Moreover, it boosts the capacity to make social connections, an impact related to oxytocin. Research also says that listening to music can help increase oxytocin levels in the body.

2. Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a wellness practice that provides ample advantages, like reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing life quality, offering better sleep, and providing relief from depression and other mood symptoms. Studies say that yoga helps enhance oxytocin production, which helps lose weight in a better way.

3. Telling Somebody How You Feel

To improve your emotional attachment to others, let them know how much you care. Share your affection and love with them to increase your oxytocin level. It not just enhances your social bonding but also helps shed excess weight with oxytocin.

4. Giving or Receiving a Good Massage

Many people suffer from stress, anxiety, and body pain. A good massage can heal these issues. A professional massage (whether you give it or get it) increases oxytocin levels in your body. It helps boost the weight loss process.

5. Meditating

Regular meditation can boost oxytocin production. It reduces anxiety and stress, improves your mood, and makes you care more about yourself and others. These impacts can enhance your sense of connection and improve your relationship with others.

6. Spending Time with Pals

Strong bonding can boost your mental wellbeing. Spending quality time with your friends can help you feel socially connected and less alone. And that is oxytocin at work.

7. Eating or cooking with a Loved One

Studies say that sharing food can boost oxytocin levels. Cooking with friends or someone you care about gives enjoyment along with nourishment. When eating can create pleasure, it triggers oxytocin release.

8. Hugging or Cuddling

You can go for some physical intimacy like hugging or cuddling to get your oxytocin up in the body. Take some time for a long, tight hug with your kid or partner.

9. Petting Dogs

If you love dogs, pet one. Research says that it helps increase oxytocin when you cuddle your canine friend.

10. Having Sex

Orgasm or sexual intimacy is the best way to increase oxytocin levels and lose weight. It makes you feel more connected and closer to your partner. Also, it enhances your mood.

Closing Thoughts

So, these are a few less-known factors that help lose weight with oxytocin. If you need an oxytocin supplement to help you lose weight, contact Telemedicine Practitioners right away.

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