Covid 19 pandemic forced many significant changes in the world, especially in medicine, and one such change is telemedicine. Telemedicine allows you to get virtual medical care without having to make a personal visit to the doctor’s office. It works best in cases where the visits don’t rely on a detailed physical examination or in-person testing. Some situations where online medical visits are helpful are:

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  1. Follow-up appointments: If the provider is following up on a previous visit or checking in with the patient to determine whether direct care is necessary or not, an online medical visit is a good idea. The prescription is directly sent to the pharmacy if the medication is needed. 
  2. Counseling: In the case of diabetes management or prenatal care, where only education or counseling is essential, online medical visits are fruitful. It saves the hassle of traveling. 
  3. Medicine management: For people suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or arthritis, where routine follow-up is necessary, it is suggested to try telemedicine. Online medical assistance can help the patients monitor their chronic conditions right from the comfort of their homes. You need to buy some devices to measure blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. Maintain a chart or even upload the data to your medical chart for the doctor to review. Even without the devices, the doctors can monitor the symptoms and adjust your medication without visiting the hospital. 
  4. Mental health services: Behavioral health services and counseling are talk-based and require no hands-on care; therefore, it is best to opt for online medical assistance. It even allows you to pick the expert in another state or country. 
  5. Health screening: In present times, avoiding the visit to the doctor is one of the ways to reduce the potential transmission of the virus. Most health care centers and doctors are offering online screening options. It lets the experts check if someone needs the test and follow up with people in quarantine with mild symptoms. It involves mostly asking questions to come up with a diagnosis. 

If you are convinced about choosing telehealth, you must make some preparations to ensure a hassle-free experience: 

  1. Before getting on the call, ensure that you have a list of medications. Also, please write down the symptoms and concerns you wish to discuss during the appointment so you don’t forget them. 
  2. Check the email for instructions that come with your appointment confirmation email. 
  3. Have high-speed internet and video access through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 
  4. Reduce the background noise so you can interact with the doctor easily. It is vital for correct diagnosis and smooth conversation. 
  5. Make sure the source of light is not right behind you. It should be either at the side or above you. 
  6. Keep a pen and paper handy to take notes during the online consultation. 

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted clinic for online medical visits try the Telemedicine Practitioners. They offer numerous health and wellness services to both women and men. Their experts are well experienced and equipped to handle numerous medical conditions. 

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