Phentermine: A Part of Healthy Weight Loss Services Online

When you cannot order medicine online, consult a telemedicine doctor to get some online prescribed drugs. You can do this through video chat or over a phone call. Phentermine is a controlled medical substance as it is chemically similar to the stimulant amphetamine. Hence, you can get this medicine only if you have a doctor’s prescription. If you are obese, have no faith in diet and workout-related weight loss, and are looking for online effective weight loss programs, go for Phentermine weight loss teleconsultation.

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What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a prescription weight-loss drug that is effective for short-term use of up to 3 months for people of 16+ years old. Teleconsultants usually combine Phentermine with other weight loss medicines. Doctors prescribe it to people who are obese with a BMI equal to or more than 27 or have at least a weight-related issue.

An Effective Weight Loss through Phentermine

Like other prescription weight loss medications, doctors use Phentermine as a part of a weight loss program. It is effective for people who don’t expect to shed weight with diet and workout only. Many people whom doctors prescribe this drug as their weight loss plan accomplish success.
However, Phentermine is ineffective for people with high BP, heart disease, glaucoma, or overactive thyroid gland. Moreover, breastfeeding or pregnant women should not also take this.
One of the benefits of Phentermine is that it is accessible in several doses, from low to a maximum of 37.5mg daily. Furthermore, teleconsultants often customize it based on a person’s weight loss targets and health conditions. We work closely with our patients who are consuming Phentermine as part of our weight loss services. Although we prescribe the medicine for a short period, it’s a part of our healthy weight loss services that we customize for every patient.

How Does Phentermine Work?

We also call Phentermine an appetite suppressant. Hence, taking it helps curb our appetite, restricting how many calories we eat. And over time, it causes weight loss. Although the actual systems behind the appetite-suppressing impacts of Phentermine are not confirmed, the medicine may work by enhancing neurotransmitter levels in the brain.

Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers of your body, which incorporate dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Your hunger feeling decreases when these three chemicals’ levels increase. However, you may notice the appetite-reducing impacts of Phentermine within a few weeks.

Phentermine and Healthy Weight Loss

We believe in healthy weight loss and healthy lifestyles. Hence, our telemedicine experts work with the clients to help them accomplish their health and weight loss targets. When our experts prescribe Phentermine as a part of weight loss services, they combine it with more comprehensive lifestyle transformations.

A detailed weight loss service may incorporate a reduced-calorie, nutrition-rich diet, more workouts and physical activities, and other behavioral changes. Our telemedicine experts work closely with all patients to help them keep track of their weight loss journey. If you want to take advantage of Phentermine weight loss teleconsultation, contact us at Telemedicine Practitioner to book an online consultation today.

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