Specific lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking alcohol usually contribute to reduced testosterone levels. It may make you feel drained or exhausted sometimes. A few people consider it a result of aging or work stress. But for some men, it may be the outcome of low testosterone levels. So, if your test results in low testosterone levels, a doctor may recommend TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone therapy offers multiple benefits, but there might be some risks also. Let’s discuss a few things that you should know before going for TRT!

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Is TRT Safe?

TRT is no exception in terms of side effects. Like other therapies, it also contains some side effects:

·         Ankle swelling

·         Acne

·         Triggering the increase of prostate cancer cells

·         Trouble breathing while sleeping

·         Breast tenderness and swelling

·         Cardiac issues, such as strokes and heart attacks

However, most significantly, the advantages of TRT outweigh its possible side effects. It makes this treatment a suitable option for many men suffering from hypogonadism.

Can TRT Make Men Feel More Enthusiastic?

TRT can improve your testosterone levels, bringing your energy levels back to normal. Moreover, it can recover men’s sex drive. You may observe a reduction in body fat and an accumulation of muscle mass after this treatment.

Different Forms of TRT

TRT is available in many forms:

·         Gels: Gels are convenient and easy to apply on the skin daily. But make sure that nobody comes into contact with the treated part for some hours after using it. Else, they could get the hormone in their system. Now, a nasal gel is available to reduce the risk of vulnerability to others.

·         Patches: You can apply patches easily. However, they can lead to skin rashes, and you may need to use them more than once daily.

·         Injections: Medical experts give injections anywhere from two to ten weeks aside. Injections are affordable in comparison with other therapies. However, they may not offer consistent advantages. Your testosterone levels may decrease between doses.

·         Buccal Patch: You can apply these patches on the upper gum two times daily. Although buccal patches are easy to use, they can lead to gum disease or irritation.

·         Subcutaneous Pellets: Doctors insert these under the skin every 3-6 months. Subcutaneous pellets are accessible and feasible to put in, but they need minor surgery for every dose.

How Long Should You Go for TRT?

TRT cannot cure low testosterone levels completely. Hence, it would help if you took it continuously. However, you can take this treatment in micro doses and take lesser amounts of testosterone for physical transformations.

Final Verdict

Testosterone replacement therapy has been a conventional treatment approach for hypogonadism. However, if your primary concern is low testosterone levels, change your diet and lifestyle habits to enhance testosterone levels naturally. Contact Telemedicine Practitioners if you look for testosterone therapy online. Our doctors will check your testosterone levels from time to time after the therapy starts. If we find your levels are correct, you will proceed with the present dose.

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