Falling in love may help you shed your excess weight. Yes, you read it right! We know it feels great to fall in love. However, you might have no idea about its possible health benefits. According to a preliminary study conducted by the researchers at Harvard Medical School, the love hormone oxytocin may help you shed your excess weight. Before you plan to shed some pounds, you need to know the main reasons for choosing oxytocin weight loss.

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Why Choose Oxytocin Weight Loss?

1. Lowers Appetite

The love hormone oxytocin is associated with a few activities like kissing, cuddling, and having intercourse. It can reduce your appetite, which is simply translated into a weight loss process.

Taking oxytocin supplementation helps to replace the desire to get comfort from food with pleasure-giving and enjoyable feelings. When this supplement is used, in comparison with a placebo, people are found to eat fewer calories and encounter considerable weight loss.

2. Increases Sensitivity

Moreover, oxytocin enhances your sensitivity. Your body cells shed much of their response sensitivity with growth. Oxytocin helps restore it. It causes a greater carbohydrate metabolism, instead of storing the calories as fat.

3. Lessens Anxiety

Studies also suggest that oxytocin helps reduce anxiety to some extent. People who take oxytocin supplementation have lower anxiety than others who don’t take the supplement. Low anxiety means more calmness, which is extremely beneficial for us.

4. Impacts on Mood

According to studies, during a stressful period, oxytocin levels increase in the blood.  It might help you feel relaxed by reducing your stress hormone, cortisol. Oxytocin medication helps people who experience depression in their lives.

Taking such a supplement reduces your stressful feelings, which impacts your mood. You may feel good, loved, and cared for.

5. Helps Create Connections

Studies say that oxytocin helps you feel generous and believing. It helps you precisely recognize positive or negative faces and react less harshly to extremely bad faces. It helps you form trustworthy social connections with others.

Inadequacy of connection is a type of stress that leads your body to discharge oxytocin and send you seeking communication with others.

6. Breastfeeding Moms’ Bliss

Since oxytocin helps create an emotional bond, when women breastfeed, this hormone is released too. It strengthens the connection between mom and baby. Apart from creating this natural bond, oxytocin also helps shrink the uterus.

When the baby starts to suckle after birth, this love hormone is released, which stimulates the uterus to contract as well. Therefore, when oxytocin is discharged during sex, uterine contraction causes deeper orgasms.

Bottom Lines

If you are anxious or depressed, increasing oxytocin in your body might help you relax. While physical love or comfort triggers this hormone, taking oxytocin supplementation is a convenient and safe way to increase the hormone.

Studies have already shown that there is lots of interest in oxytocin supplementation, and you can find ample information about the main reasons for choosing oxytocin weight loss by visiting Telemedicine Practitioners’ website. If you want to create meaningful bonds and intimate connections to increase this cuddle hormone, contact these telemedicine experts.

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