Your body is an alarm that triggers when it faces challenges in its normal operation. It’s now time to identify the alarming factors presented by your body and work on those to enjoy a healthy life. Obesity or being overweight is an everlasting issue encountered by people worldwide. Some people would rather not take action, while others are looking for ways to root out the problem. If you belong to the latter category, this is when you should know whether you must opt for weight loss medications or surgery

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When Should Weight-Loss Medications or Surgery be Used?

Weight loss is a journey under the strict supervision of a healthcare professional. Once you consult a doctor, he will be able to curate a technique based on your body type and physiological composition appropriate for weight loss. Though surgery is an effortless path to reach the goal of ideal weight, it has underlying threats that need to be inspected along with the present health conditions before proceeding with the final decision. 

Surgical weight loss is associated with several risk factors, while medication is an easy way to achieve weight loss. On one hand, surgery offers instant results, while on the other hand, it demands permanent changes post surgery. The doctors always prefer lifestyle management along with medication to achieve the target weight, but surgery is also suggested in case the below mentioned factors are involved:

  • The BMI or Body Mass Index value is above 40.
  • 100 pound overweight.
  • Negligible or no success from the medicated weight loss procedure.
  • Ready to make permanent dietary and lifestyle changes to avoid complications after surgery.

Checking on a Few Weight Loss Surgery Options

Though the doctor will suggest a surgery best-suited for you, some of the surgery options you must explore before finalizing are as follows:

  • Gastric Bypass 

It focuses on creating a smaller portion of the stomach, helping you curb hunger.

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy 

It eliminates about 80% of the stomach’s capacity, leading to a controlled appetite.

  • Adjustable Gastric Band 

The band shrinks the lower portion of the stomach, offering a similar effect to the two surgeries mentioned above.

  • Duodenal Switch Surgery 

It removes a portion of the lower stomach and small intestine.


It is a widely-known fact that obesity is the cause of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, liver malfunction, and others. Has the question of whether or not to take medication to lose the desired weight tickled your mind? Have you ever considered opting for surgery to shed those extra inches? If not, it’s now time to break the nutshell and enter the world of Telemedicine Practitioners to achieve sound health without any underlying ailments.

There are several factors that need microscopic attention to the details to address the dilemma of weight loss medications or surgery In order to get over the ambiguity, the guidance of expert healthcare professionals is your bible. Furthermore, if you concentrate on your goal, you will not only be able to fit into clothes in your desired sizes, but you will also be able to keep chronic ailments at bay.

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