Weight loss can be a mentally and physically tiring process, especially if your obesity has become a risk to your health. Overweight is a threat to different conditions, including joint issues and heart attack. If you have failed in trying to lose weight on your own, a doctor specializing in weight loss can help you come up with a safe weight loss strategy.

Generally, weight loss starts with your general physician, who can make fundamental diet and workout suggestions and provide you with a referral to a weight loss specialist.

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What Type of Doctor Should I See for Weight Loss?

There are several experts who specialize in weight loss. They include dieticians, general practitioners, nutritionists, etc. Knowing about these professionals will help you select the right one for weight management.

1. Endocrinologist

Endocrinology is about glands and some hormones that secrete them. Different hormonal conditions are reasons for obesity. These include Cushing’s disease, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and hypothyroidism. If you have an endocrine system-related disorder, your physician may recommend you visit an endocrinologist before advising dietary changes or referring you to a weight management expert.

2. General Practitioner

If you consult an internal medicine doctor or general practitioner, you may get advice and weight loss support. These doctors give general support for weight management, although there are some professionals who specialize in weight issues, workouts, and dieting. A general physician can show you a holistic way to handle your weight issues. They may refer you to a counselor or a psychologist if your weight and food issues have a psychological element.

3. Bariatric Surgeon

Bariatric physicians deal with obesity, its causes, and prevention. They are well-equipped to give you detailed dietary knowledge and workout information. Workouts will not help you if you are extremely obese. Your bariatric physician may recommend methods of lowering such risks.

Bariatric surgeons perform weight loss surgeries. If you fail in your weight loss efforts and need to lose weight to stay healthy, your physician may recommend that you consult a bariatric surgeon for weight loss surgery.

4. Nutritionist and Dietician

Nutritionists and dieticians are not general physicians but nutrition specialists. They sometimes have doctoral or post-graduate degrees in nutrition and can suggest a proper diet for you. They can advise you about how food can impact your health and weight loss issues. If you are overweight, you must consult a nutritionist along with other weight loss measures.

Get in Touch with Your Weight Loss Specialist Today!

Obesity has become a serious and common issue in the USA. Due to this, the role of weight management specialists has become more active in recent days. Telemedicine Practitioners are one of the experts that can provide additional medical information on how to lose weight faster.

You can contact our doctor specializing in weight loss to make a customized weight loss plan with weight management supplements and achieve your goals. We can help you succeed on your weight loss journey. Contact us online to get a list of healthcare providers credentialed in obesity treatment.

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